Friday, 24 July 2015

Paper City

Paper City (made with pupils at Bromestone Primary Broadstairs)

It's not about scale or accuracy ....... it's not about buying expensive modelling's not even really about architectre or particularly good craft skills. 

But is is all about identifing what society needs to work properly. Yeh we planned it out, we had a master plan, we had a list of key features, we had some designs for some of the buildings and we pooled our thoughts together to make A City.  

The Master Plan

I am very pleased how this worked out, I was surprised at the pupils ability to make what they had in their imagination. Even though they lacked technical skills they were still able make and realise their vision. 

Me and Maiker Spooner are both visual artists working for Animate Arts Company to deliver this project and Maiker made the video below.


I have worked on a number of Animate Arts Company projects over the years and they are alway refreshing. 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Malala Yousafazi - Emma Watson #Inspirationalwomen

Emma Watson                                                              Malala Yousafazi

 These portriats were made in one day, from little squares of coloured paper made with pupils at Ursuline High School. Each face is 2m x1m.

Detail (Malala)

Each square was numbered
Malala Yousafazi made with 1152 4x4cm squares of coloured paper

I was a little nervous untill the whole image came together when finished, each face was made from eight sections, they were never seen as a whole while making and only untill they are pieced together at the end, can you see exactly how they come out! What was I worrying about?

These are both women highlighted in a school assembly for their championing for the solidarity movement for gender equality and female education in pakistan. I read that Malala Yousafazi might be the most famous teenager in the world. Surviving an assasination attempt by the Taliban, that might well be true.

    A project I delivered as an Animate Artist. 

I was not allowed to take photos of the students who made it, 
so the staff who didnt make it had to step in.