Friday, 23 October 2015

The Big Draw at the Beaney.

Animal Stories

This is the result of the Big Draw event which was timed to coincide with the British Wildlife Photography Exhibition in the special exhibitions gallery here at  Beaney Museum in Canterbury.
The theme is story telling using wild animals and looking at that in relation  to fairy stories and folk tales. A set of animals templates cut from mdf was made  for participants to draw around to get things started. 

mdf templates

The drawing was made on a drop in drop out  basis by visitors to the exhibition and includes work by both children and adults often working together in family groups. All of the decisions about what to include has been made by the participants. This has resulted in a series of small stories and scenes which add up to form a larger whole. This imaginary world has mountains ranges, a giant spiders web to catch you, thick forests which are populated by magic animals, dangerous birds and wicked Queens, it  seems to be a dream, or a place visited after a fight with an Ogre.

A couple of children who did not have actually draw, but came up to me wearing a fox/frog masks and bent down and ate the magic carrots someone had drawn earlier.

As  some people left to go home, they asked me if they could to see the finished drawing on twitter? When the workshop was over the drawing looked unfinished, so I brought it back to my workshop and continued to tidy it up and I thought it an interesting exercise to complete the drawing and then posted it up on twitter. It was a fantasy piece of work and the result is fantastic. Rabbits were the most popular animal though my favourite is probably the deer. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The Canterbury Peoples Map

Canterbury Cathedral

 As part of my artist in residence position at the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge I decided to draw a map of Canterbury with multiple authors, with multiple views and interests, to create a map with the people of Canterbury. This was made with visitors to The Beaney and decisions about what was included on the map was led by people who are growing, living , working or visiting Canterbury.
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The Beaney Museum


The Canterbury Peoples Map