Monday, 28 December 2015

A Book of Maps

It has been a golf course since 1895, but at the start of 2012 I noticed it was closed, and for a couple of weeks people were trying to get a free game. Then it became an empty space in transition. It became my country park estate where I walked with my dog Cosmo. I drew maps of the walks we shared, the things we saw and some of the events that happened over there. It has been a place of day dreams and reflection and I am continuing to write a blog about walks and thoughts.

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3 years of walking over the golf course

two walks and a black dog

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Guerilla Master Plan

My Master Plan for the new development over the Golf Course
So to explain briefly then:
The golf course in Herne Bay was sold off and a large redevelopment is now immanent.
For about 3 years I have walked around this golf course and kept a blog of what I saw happening over there:

Redrow Homes are to build a recreational and residential development there with a strap line of 'a sports hub'.

 I have drawn an alternative master plan.
Probably the main difference between mine and Quinn Estates (the developer) is that mine was started by tracing the trees from an arial photo and designing my community using the existing tree layout as the design starting point. 

Other differences might be that mine has a Arts and Heritage Centre, Health Centre with Gardens. A School with livestock, shops, a pub in the usuall way and something I have labeled as an Exchange and Recycling Centre? A place where no money is reqired and exchange and upcycling is the rule here. I won't have nearly as many houses as required and other flaws, but hey ho this is me just wondering what what communties might need. Its a little like playing with a dolls house when young. Moving things around and placing things where you think they should go. A park, perimeter cycle paths and I tried to place many houses so that their gardens were 360 degrees around the property. Something which is done by the community in Dungeness which was striking.

I think it will feel odd next time I walk around the golf course as I will be pointing out to myself  'this is where the School is' and this is where I put a lake to try and manage any flood risks? This bit I called the 'Rookery' as a often see crows in these trees.