Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Great Herne Bay Map Project

I worked in the Seaside Museum Herne Bay with members of the public who were visiting the museum to create a map of Herne Bay. Not an ordinary map, a map made by the people living and working in Herne Bay with a few day trip visitors as well. All with their unique view about the town.

the clock tower with Red Arrow fly by

families came and worked on the map together

started with the road layout

where exactly is that? funny how precise map are expected to be

lots of events happening in the sea

grown ups and local artists, knitting bombers all added things

included Reculver Towers

nearly finished just the residential area near the station left

I put my dog Cosmo in, on the beach (he liked BBQ'S other peoples)
The Map is still currently on display at the museum

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Alter Ego

I entered an exhibition called Alter Ego and here is mine!

Stone River (1863-1950)

Born before the resettlement programmes, living his life according to the age old ways practically unchanged since the Bronze Age. Stone River survived the Gatling gun and degradation of his people to see an unbelievable range of social change in his lifetime, dying only the year before building started on USS Nautilus the first nuclear powered submarine. He died only twelve years before I was born and I live in the world of social media and genetically modified food.

In the boarders of this picture I have replaced his ‘outer world’ with my ‘inner world’. Together we can see pre-history. He was illiterate.

A3 Permanent marker pen and coloured pencils on paper.

Stone River alter ego of Rob Turner 2016