Monday, 30 January 2017

Whitstable Map

A map of Whitstable with no red dots 

This might be the first in a series of six or seven maps of Kentish towns. I hope it develops and I am commissioned to draw the rest. They will all have red dots on when they are finished. To say what the dots represent would spoil the surprise and anyway its a map of Whitstable in its own right at the moment.

Hopefully on this soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Its all in the preparation

Scale, size and proportion without disrupting balance and composition.

Remember the phrase 'its all in the preparation'. So that's what this entry is all about. Very dry, not very exciting but essential in order to get things to work out better further down the tracks.

Testing the construction of boarder lettering

I'm looking for maximum clarity with minimum height. I don't want to go too small and fiddly. I will have a lot of this to make and it needs to be as simple as possible yet clear and readable. Too big and the proportions of the design get encroached upon and things start really changing, not in a good way.

I am not explain what this about as things are not quite formalised yet, but wanted to show something had been going on since Xmas.

1m diameter

There is a lot of lettering in these designs and the small 1m diameter does not give me enough room to get it all in. A considerable amount of info has been omitted. I don't want to make the lettering smaller as I have explained.

1.2m diameter
A slightly larger circle enables me to get all the text in the circles but the mosaic is bigger. Delicate conversation with the potential commissioner ahead. Things are flexible and left open to some degree as I had a feeling this might happen. Not a change of design but decisions have to be made at this point, I have to resolve this now.

Its all in the preparation

The Clock Tower

The Kings Hall and Reculver Towers

The Bandstand and The Pier

the Clock Tower (photoshop colour sketch