Saturday, 17 June 2017

Cardboard Clock Tower

Cardboard Clock Towers for inclusion in a Town Twinning Event in Herne Bay 2 July

Monday, 12 June 2017

Watchfield Village Map

The Watchfield Village Map
Commissioned by The Vale of the White Horse District Council
The community workshops are now completed and the map is back in my workshop to finish off. I never quite know what it will look like and the process of tying in, and finishing off little sketches on there made by villagers and school children makes the need for fluid  composition decisions. There are also written notes on their labelling things for inclusion (I have make these up remembering conversations had with people about their stories and what they felt was relevant.
The top section left to do which includes the title and the boarders. Have I left it till last because it is the hardest part, or have I not done it as it is the hardest part to reach?
Both I think is the answer!
The Watchfield Village Map
working with families from the military services on this section

every village has one I'm told?
(I live in a town and there is more than one!)
working towards the final stages


Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Watchfield Primary School Map

Watchfield Primary School Map
This was made with the pupils at the school. A map of their school showing all the things they know. The first map I have made of a building or site. Below is a sequence of development with things ending up in my workshop to finish off.
Delivery to the school soon.




Really very pleased with the results. It does not look like anything at all. Except if you look it properly it is a really detailed and accurate map of  the school?
I like the ambiguity it hides behind.